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2014 Exhibition Updates

Plans are underway for the 2014 Season! Check back often as we begin firming up the schedule. ALMOST FINISHED! HOPE TO BE POSTING BY THE END OF THIS WEEK.

Parade Entry Form 2014 NEW THEME (note: the theme is just something to base your entry on – we accept any entry that doesn’t reflect the theme as well)

Tattoo Artist George Smith of Two-Face Tattoos is already scheduled to return.

Street Parade, Ox & Horse hauls, petting farm, Light Horse Program, Dave Burbine & Traditional Country, Mini-Princess & Seasoned Lady Pageants, Mud Run & Truck pulls, Annual Dustin Conrad Burn-out & Dance, 4H tug-of-war are just some of the events planned.

We are in negotiations to get the reptile zoo in for a few shows as well. THIS IS A GO!!!!

Looking for merchandise vendors to set up booths in the arena. If interested, please contact us on facebook – Shelburne County Exhibition. WE HAVE SOME NEW VENDERS THIS YEAR!!

Also looking to see how much interest we have for the “Seasoned Ladies” pageant this year. Anyone considering being a contestant, please contact Debi Hill or Karen Cox in facebook. WE HAVE ENOUGH TO RUN THE PAGEANT!! 7 LADIES SO FAR.


We ran one last facebook promo in 2013 for the best photo depiction of the Exhibition. Congratulations to Geetika Goodwin on the winning photo.

Geetika Goodwin

Geetika won a 2-night stay at Roseway River Cottages.


“My children and I had a great time at the exhibition this year. We enjoyed the parade, the ox and horse hauls, the mini pageant, the rides and games. We watched the horses and their riders and even got to pet and feed the sheep. We did and saw so much I can’t remember everything! Congratulations to everyone for making it a success See you next year” – Sue Quinlan

“Shelburne County Ex was Awesome this year, loved the addition of the Seasoned Ladies. They are all truly beautiful inside and out and the banners they all received fit them to a T. Congratulations to you all. Thank you to all that had a hand in making our Exhibition possible. It is nice to get out and be with so many in our community. THANK YOU!!!” – Lisa Hushard

“There are alot of things to say about this town and big ex but all any of us should do us just say thanks…it was great, and the more we add on, the better things are and the longer we’ll be able to keep it going…I hope it’s still going strong for my kids in years to come. Thanks to all of you that make it happen!!” – Becca Hartley

“another exhibition has come to close, a big THANK YOU to all those who worked hard to make it a success” – Nancy Thomas

“The VOLUNTEERS do an amazing job with the Ex, every year this is something that we look forward too. We give you a huge THANK YOU for your dedication.” – Lynn Winfield

“It was a great Exhibition!!! Lots to do and see! thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to keep this community event going!” – Judy Mc

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