Tori Symonds

Tori was a very busy energetic young woman. She loved life, specially loved Mother Nature. Outdoors and getting dirty is where she felt at home, but could also switch to a fashion statement in a blink of an eye.
She loved hunting and fishing so much that she made her living as a crew member aboard the “Silent Fisher”, living up to the nick name of “Saltwater Princess”

This Backwoods Beauty Queen loved her jacked up Chevy 4X4, she always kept it clean JUST to get (in her words) “NEW dirt” on it.

Tori never missed a chance to watch the Mud Runs, we are sure she will be smiling and guiding her sister as she runs her truck through 🖤

There will be a Mud-Run in Tori’s Memory at 1pm Saturday the 12th on the lower grounds of the Shelburne Exhibition